We want to protect all wild spaces and create more wild areas, providing conditions in which people can enjoy these spaces and live within these without paying anything for a season comfortably and safely, and more than all this, we want to promote all the information existing in the whole world of our mother Nature :D

We already have 12 places where any member can live there for free just need to respect the mother nature above all things :D

0.187903, -78.221510 - San Rafael de la Laguna, Ecuador - joanafierrod@gmail.com

51.013491, 13.324620 - Obergruna, Germany - gilmatoso@gmail.com

15.700463, 73.699509 - Paliyem, Índia - oasis.horizon2001@gmail.com

38.125810, 15.030126 - Scala di Patti, Italia - eco-adventure@mail.com

-40.816576, 173.928552 - D'Urville Island, New Zealand - ange_puff@yahoo.com

40.577952, -7.445880 - Cortiçô da Serra, Portugal - contact@ishtar-rathsi.com

39.564315, -8.553908 - Lugarinho, Portugal - gilmatoso@gmail.com

39.511902, -8.678506 - Minde, Portugal - gilmatoso@gmail.com

41.348774, -6.440369 - Urrós, Portugal - marisaurros@hotmail.com

40.243454, -4.580123 - Higuera de las Dueñas, Spain - javiercanogonzalez097@gmail.com

38.337279, -6.984677 - Zahínos, Spain - pablo_costillo@hotmail.com

36.598125, -85.933019 - Macon County, USA - shutupandgrowit@gmail.com

Enjoy it and please be thankfull to the mother Nature, the mother Earth and the father Sun :D

If you know a piece of Land where we can try this project for a while, tell us, 2000 m2 is enough for us and will be better if is close to a forest and close to a village, no more then 500m away, will be so great if we have not to pay to rent it :D

Thank you very much for remembering it :D

This is my wish for this new year :D

Help us Make a better world..

keep following our Facebook group and contribute information, events, videos, pictures or pages to do with the nature, living in harmony with all living beings, living off grid, permaculture, organic building, organic food growth, survival skills and much more things that are very interesting for us in our group Living Wild Association :D

Please share them to our Group, we will be very thankfull and if you share our request to your friends we will be very gratefull, help us, sharing information here is free of charges, you just need like 2 or 3 seconds pro sharing :D

Living Wild Association

We have now also other groups for some english non speakers :D

Associazione Vivere Selvaggio

Associação Viver Selvagem

Asociación Vivir Salvaje

Association Vivre Sauvage

Vereinigung Wild Leben

Our Main Page is :D


Our Blogger is :D



Help Us making a better World :)


We just created a new petition and We hope you can sign -- it's called: Germany's first female chancellor - Angela Merkel : We want to protect all wild spaces and create more wild areas 

This issue is very important to us, and together we can do something about it! 

Read more about it and sign it here

Campaigns like this always start small, but they grow when people like us get involved -- please take a second right now to help out by signing and passing it on. 

Thanks so much, 

yours LWA 


BRAIN-STORMING in all the 6 Groups from our organization Living Wild Association :D



Everyone in the world is invited, we don´t care about the age, about your nacionality and about where are you now, you just need the internet, to play with us, just try to post every thing you see or think, this is impossible :D, your hands and the computers can´t yet compete with the human creativity and the human eye :D There are no rules you can do whatever you want, I just hope that we will collect a lot of good ideas for our Project







We have scheduled a 24h brainstorming to start at 00:00 and finish at 24:00 throughout the day of 10 March 2016, we will see who are the best 10 Brainstormers, we will count the posts from every member in this period and ones that had higher quantity will be the best ones, brainstorming have nothing to do with quality but to do with getting free, let everything come out, let your thoughts flow, use just the intuition, don´t use your brain, just hear your mind speaking to you throught your brain, just feel the great spirit that connect all living beens, show you the way and follow that way the faste you can, without thinking in nothing more and just doing what you thought at the 1st time.

In practice is a group of people get together and say all the ideas that come to their mind, without interruption for discussion any of the ideas, just writing so fast you can.

Of course in this case we will be almost all alone at home on facebook, but you can invite your friends home and let them help you having some ideas :D But we advice you to be alone.

Let's see who will be the first 10 classified, there are 6 groups all posts count we don´t care in wich group it´s posted, if is only a word or a text, image, video, page, web, just comments do not count because you are refering to the idea of the other member from the same group, we never tried this but I do it a lot, I just scroll the pages and when I feel my awaress wanting to see a something a little longer, I just postet :D

I want to say to all Administrators that they have to allow every post and from Friday until Sunday we will try to count all the posts that were made to see who are the winners, maybe nobody will read this and the winners would be getting very surprised that they wan a game without knowing that they were playing it :D

We wish you a wonderfull day tomorrow, we are getting a felling that tomorrow will be a great day and maybe could become the day most important in the history of our international Organization and we will make big celebrations all the years on 10 of March for all eternety :D Just enjoy yourselfs and don´t try to play this game if your first feeling when reed the word BRAINSTORMING was I am so stupid :D

Ok, this is enought, We don´t say more nothing :D Have fun :D